Huy Minh Technology Co., Ltd
Huy Minh Technology Co., Ltd – HUYMINHTECHCO as the leader of Manufacturer and exporter of Agricultural and forest products in Vietnam, provides high quality products to customers at EU, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan.

Charcoal product :White charcoal - Binchotan, Sawdust briquette charcoal, Black charcoal, Pillow briquette charcoal, ...  

White charcoal - Binchotan
Sawdust briquette charcoal
Black charcoal
Pillow briquette charcoal

Bamboo product :Bamboo straws, Bamboo chopsticks, Bamboo handmade, Bamboo tableware, ...  

Bamboo straws
Bamboo chopsticks
Bamboo handmade
Bamboo tableware

Sawdust & Shavings :Wood Pellet, Sawdust & Shavings, Wood powder, Wood Briquette , ...  

Wood Pellet
Sawdust & Shavings
Wood powder
Wood Briquette